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    Heatwave Flag H9 - Printable

    RFID Tag with with flexible design, resistant to high temperatues. Can be printed with monochrome technique.

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    Its flexible design allows it to be applied to all materials, but the antenna does not have to come into direct contact with metal. The globally tuned antenna offers a solution for applications requiring monitoring across all frequency bands.

    Equipped with Alien Higgs™ 9 chip.

    Physical characteristics

    • Label Materials: Special film for high temperatures.
    • Size: 76 x 55
    • Weight: 1g
    • Reading range: up to 10 meters
    • 3 holes for screws

    Chemical resistance

    No physical or performance changes after exposure to:

    • 168 hours exposure to engine oil;
    • 168 hours exposure to salt water (10% salinity);
    • 10 min of exposure to Sulfuric Acid (10%, pH 2);
    • 10 min of exposure to NaOH (10%, pH 13);
    • 2h of exposure to Acetone

    Environmental resistance

    • Operating temperature: -35°C to +85°C
    • 220°C for 1 hours
    • 260°C for 10 minutes

    For more information, refer to the technical data sheet.


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